Mount Woodson

So I’m going climbing at Mount Woodson on Tuesday with a friend Patrick who I’ve not seen in a while.

We’re both crack addicts you might say. We love crack. Specifically climbing cracks. I’m very excited to get out there with him, and well, now is the time for me to find a few climbs I want to do, and maybe reminisce on some that I’ve done.

Mount Woodson is a cool place. There is the famous San Diego attraction “Potato Chip Rock” there, as well as a famous climb. Ripped directly from Adam Stackhouse on Mountain Project:

“As the story goes, in the 1960s Royal Robbins was shown this boulder, and it’s striking 20ft crack. The cats that showed him the route boasted that they had already sent it, but didn’t say that they did it via aid. It was that very day, that the Robbins Crack saw its first free ascent as bewildered eyes witnessed Royal’s effort and so named the route.”

Anyhow, I had a fun time climbing this a few years ago and was able to get the send which was super cool. The first climb I did here was Elsa’s crack which was pretty fun and a good intro to crack climbing at woodson.

For now though, I should decide what sounds interesting. Patrick mentioned he would be curious about:

  • Out of Sight
  • Digits Delight
  • Jaws

To me digits looks real fun, not sure if I’m quite ready for the lead on it, but it might go. Jaws also looks good, but will let Patrick go for it and follow for sure.

Out of Sight is pretty amazing as far as climbing goes from my memory and I would love to go back to it.

There’s also Rockwork Orange which looks to be a pretty incredible and striking dihedral crack. I’ve not had a lot of practice on that kind of climbing and it might be fun to give it a go.

Looking in the area there is also Baby Robbins which could be a sweet warm up. And then “The Cave” which looks like some fun & hard bouldering/TR

So in summary we are gonna try for:

  • Out of Sight
  • Digits Delight
  • Jaws
  • Rockwork Orange
  • The Cave
  • Baby Robbins