I bought myself a synth for my birthday. It’s a Korg Volca Bass. I didn’t really buy this thing with the intention of making music at all. I really only bought it for the purpose of play.

I just wanted to know what it’s like to play some kind of instrument again. I’ve played drums in the past and that was nice, but never deeply resonated with me.

I don’t know if a synth resonates with me either, but I’m curious. I’ve been fascinated with audio equipment (especially things with knobs) ever since I mixed live audio for my high school’s events.

Last time I was in nyc, I visited Pasquale and one afternoon we went to a couple music shops trying to find a replacement tube for his tube amp. One of the shops (i forget the name, im terrible with names, and especially with names of places), has a bunch of this knobby equipment. I remember seeing an 909 in a glass case and a bunch of other cool stuff in weird wooden boxes of the 70’s and 80’s I guess.

Was a cool experience getting to see these things and love the physicality of the instrument. Even if the instrument is creating digital sounding things, I think the nature of the physical is so interesting. There are aspects of physical things that are so different than digital to me. I can tell everything had a purpose and someone might have micro-adjusted the position of something because it was more convenient that way. I love when things are quality and deeply thought out. The nature of these instruments remind me of this, but in a much more playful way which I want to get deeper in touch with.