Damn. Hearing music after being on the Lost Coast Trail was jarring. And maybe jarring isn’t quite the right word, but oh my did it ever jump into the ears. Feeling more alive than ever, but yet an aliveness so different than the songs of the birds and the ocean we’d been hearing for the past 3 days.

In a lot of sense it felt like the antithesis of the natural environment and when juxtaposed with it, absolutely unnatural. Yet a lot of the sounds in music come from a manipulation of the physical. So it is natural.

No matter what, music is freaking amazing. And to be able to hear it in such detail was refreshing. Made me think I need to go reset my ‘ear palette’ more often. Similar to how I might reset my ‘caffeine tolerance’. The next time you have it, it’s just so much better.

What do they say? Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Well it certainly felt like that to me with the music. Or maybe it was the mushrooms?