Community Feels Like

The below is a raw empassioned excerpt from my notes about what “community feels like”

building community. what does community feel like? Well since I got the news of adam’s passing, that is community. The fact I found that out through the community. That he was part of this community, that he contributed to it. Community is when things are happening, being invited to things. It feels like getting invited to a weekly bike ride, a weekly highline, inviting people to slackline, being able to wander down the street and run into a friend. catch up. be interested and actively engaged in eachothers lives. not there for any other reason than a togetherness that can be found anywhere if you try. it feels like going to surf and running into a friend. it feels like people care. people want to move things forward, together. it feels like having a film night, youre invited, but you dont need to come. come if youd like and see this film together. now we have shared context on a thing. thats community. community feels like going on a climbing trip, sitting around a campfire together. basking in silence for moments, until someone inevitably asks the question “whos got a story”. it feels like stories of the day coming out and being shared with everyone. community feels like you know i have your back. community feels like curiosity. community feels like being able to talk about a breakup with the owner of the local pizza joint. community feels like sharing a meal together. community feels like backpacking and looking at the stars till we fall asleep. community feels like putting a record on together and basking in the world of intentional music. community feels good. community feels like, you do your thing, i do my thing, and we see eachother. community feels like finding resonant paths, being open to what comes. community exists together, but does not demand. Community is helping eachother when in need. Community is asking for help without thinking, knowing you will be supported. Community is love. Community is a relational practice. Community is not without tension, awkwardness, and everything in between. Community feels together, but separate. Community feels like a random person helping you get a disc out of a tree. We are all a community. Community asks for an extra hand and gets one, or maybe three in return.